Penny + Lesh Collab Collection

Collaboration between Nelson artist and graphic designer Penny Royal Design and Wellington Nature inspired illustrator Lesh Creates called “Penny + Lesh Collab”

We have taken our best illustrations across both of our bodies of art work and intertwined and carefully blended them so a NEW exciting art piece is created.

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“We both appreciate each other’s art styles and had a strong desire to collaborate. With a plethora of art elements from our respective bodies of work, we carefully selected the ones that complemented each other the most. Penny skilfully intertwined our art in a playful manner, creating a harmonious fusion.”

Penny is a freelance graphic designer / illustrator / surface pattern designer based in Nelson with her two children.

She loves drawing and her designs are a mixture of hand drawn/watercolour and digital work. She draws inspiration from all around her, but most of her art is animals, birds, insects and florals.

“Getting to collaborate on a project with Lesh was an unexpected pleasure. I usually work from home on my own and it was so lovely having another person to bounce ideas off and share the work with.”


Lesh is a nature inspired illustrator based in Wellington. She loves spending time with her family on nature walks.

She enjoys illustrating New Zealand native birds, flora, and sea life using acrylic paint and Indian ink pen to create a contemporary look with a retro vibe.

“I loved collaborating with Penny to combine our illustrations creating a new and unique art pieces.”


“We both love each other’s art styles and wanted to work on a collaboration together. We had many artistic elements from our bodies of work, and together we decided which ones worked best when combined. Penny skilfully intertwined our art in a playful manner.”⁠

Penguin Blue Art Print, Penny + Lesh Collab Collection
Penny + Lesh Collab Collection


Own your own piece of Penny + Lesh Collab artwork!

With this collection we wanted to create a cohesive body of work on a wide range of products.

Click on an image and go directly to the item, either on my website or my fabulous collaborators.

Available in t-shirts, tea towels, hoodies, art prints, greeting cards and calendars, so that you can surround yourself and your loved ones with these gorgeous designer items created with love.

You can get these from either my website or Lesh Creates website and also from our collab partner Doodlewear!

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