Channy the Chamois Greeting Card


Channy the Chamois Greeting Card

A6 folded 260gsm card with C6 brown recycled 120gsm paper envelope.

Watch me create this artwork here


Channy the Chamois Greeting Card.

Hand drawn Channy the Chamois greeting card, full colour with blank inside. Illustration details on the back of card.

Channy is Stevie the Seagull’s friend from the mountains, he is a bit shyer than Stevie and is scared of heights, but loves sunsets and long walks and still does quite well with the ladies.

A6 folded 260gsm card with a coated exterior to provide the best print finish, and a matte interior for ease of writing, with C6 brown recycled 120gsm paper envelope.

These come individually or as a 6 pack.

If you are interested in selling these, let me know!

These are printed locally and packaged by hand by me 🙂

Watch me create this artwork here


Channy the Chamois Greeting Card, Stevie the Seagull Greeting Card, Cathy the Crab Greeting Card, Fergus the Furseal Greeting Card

Channy the Chamois, Stevie the Seagull, Cathy the Crab and Fergus the Furseal Greeting Cards


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Channy the Chamois Greeting Card

Chamois are found throughout the high country of the South Island and in some lowland forests. From the Marlborough Sounds in the north to Fiordland in the south. They are renowned for their ability to occupy a range of mountain habitats. And will spread into lower altitude forest areas especially on the West Coast. Chamois are agile and graceful animals, originally from Europe.

Alpine chamois arrived in New Zealand in 1907 as a gift from the Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph I. In exchange for specimens of living ferns, rare birds and lizards. Mr Albert E.L. Bertling, formerly head keeper of the Zoological Society’s Gardens, Regents Park, London. Accepted an invitation from the New Zealand Government to deliver a consignment of chamois (two bucks and six does) to the colony.

They arrived in Wellington, New Zealand, on 23 January 1907, on board the SS Turakina. From Wellington the chamois were transhipped to the Manaroa and conveyed to Lyttelton. Then by rail to Fairlie in South Canterbury and a four-day horse trek to Mount Cook. The first surviving releases were made in the Aoraki / Mount Cook region. These animals gradually spread over much of the South Island.

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Single, 6 pack


Channy the Chamois


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