Lucky Horsehoes Cushion / Pillow


Lucky Horsehoes Cushion. Hand drawn and digitally coloured horseshoe illustrations, printed on cushions. Machine-washable case.


Lucky Horsehoes Cushion

Hand drawn and digitally coloured horseshoe illustrations, printed on cushions.

A strategically placed accent can bring the whole room to life, and this pillow is just what you need to do that. What’s more, the soft, machine-washable case with the shape-retaining insert is a joy to have long afternoon naps on.

  • 100% polyester case and insert
  • Fabric weight: 6.49–8.85 oz/yd² (220–300 g/m²)
  • Hidden zipper
  • Machine-washable case
  • Shape-retaining polyester insert included (handwash only)

This design also comes on fabric and wallpaper here

You can see me drawing this artwork here

I love horses! Always have. So whenever I can find time to create something horse related, then I am truly in my happy place 💖

Lucky Horsehoes Cushion. Horse Saddles Bean Bag, Lucky Horseshoes Jandals, Lucky Horseshoes Scrunchie

In my happy place, horse riding at the beach in New Zealand

Lucky Horsehoes Cushion

Although the origins are not exactly known, it is believed that the horseshoe became the symbol of luck when the eighth century Chaldeans thought its crescent shape represented various moon goddesses thus protecting against the curse of the evil eye. According to this superstition, ends pointing down simply means that the good luck is able to flow out and surround the home.
If the horseshoe is hung over a doorway with ends up, it will catch good luck. Hung over a door with ends down, it will let the good luck spill over the door and stop evil from entering.
The front door or doorway of a house is a great location for hanging the horseshoe. It is usually hung outside the door as a protection symbol, but there are no disadvantages of displaying it inside the door. Some people also prefer keeping the horseshoe on a wall or a window.
horseshoe is a fabricated product designed to protect a horse hoof from wear. Shoes are attached on the palmar surface (ground side) of the hooves, usually nailed through the insensitive hoof wall that is anatomically akin to the human toenail, although much larger and thicker. However, there are also cases where shoes are glued.
Horseshoes: A Lucky Tradition

Horseshoes have long been considered a symbol of good luck. Originally made of iron, a material believed to ward off evil spirits, horseshoes were traditionally held in place with seven nails – the number seven being considered the luckiest.The superstition surrounding horseshoes has a Christian origin, stemming from a legend about the tenth-century saint, Dunstan. Dunstan, who had previously worked as a blacksmith before becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury, once encountered the Devil in his shop. Pretending not to recognize the Devil, Dunstan agreed to shoe the Devil’s horse. However, instead of nailing the shoe to the horse’s hoof, Dunstan nailed it to the Devil’s own foot, causing him great pain. Dunstan only agreed to remove the shoe after the Devil promised never to enter a household with a horseshoe nailed to the door.

Positioning the Horseshoe

There is some debate about the proper way to position a horseshoe. Some believe the ends should point up, so that the horseshoe “catches” the luck. Others argue the ends should point down, allowing the good luck to be “poured” upon those entering the home.

Horseshoes at Sea

Superstitious sailors also believe that nailing a horseshoe to the mast of their vessel can help it avoid storms. This belief further reinforces the widespread superstition surrounding the lucky nature of horseshoes.

Note on Shipping:

These items on my website are not items I keep in stock in my office studio in Stoke, Nelson, NZ. They are printed on demand and shipped by my awesome collaboration partners from all over the world. I love print on demand, it means I can offer a huge range of high quality items with no wastage. Nothing is created until you order it, and then it is printed just for you. So the shipping rates are set by them and not something I have any control over.

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