Retailers and Collaborations

These absolute gems all stock my products in their beautiful stores, you should definitely check them out!

If you are a retail store in New Zealand please get in touch to discuss wholesale options for my art prints and greeting cards, I would love to work with you!!

If you are a retailer outside New Zealand I have a selection of my greeting cards and art prints available for wholesale through Faire here (if there are any others you would like please get in touch!)


River Onion Gallery

CÉLINE GREGORY-HUNT – Photographer/Marriage Celebrant

Céline is a seventh-generation Pitt Islander. She spent many years away, getting an education and travelling. Coming home to the Chatham Islands some 20 plus years ago has only inspired her with her photography, and taking photographs has now become more than a profession, it’s a true, lifelong passion.

Built in the 1970′, this unique A-Frame is a museum in itself. Refurbished in a retro style, this gallery not only displays photography, but is an experience. Every room has its own style and story. 

Get a coffee and take your time as you peruse thru this truly memorable place.

125 Waitangi Wharf Owenga Road
Chatham Islands

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Atkins Gallery

Atkins Gallery is a boutique gallery located within Founders Heritage Park in Nelson, New Zealand.

The gallery specialises in paintings by the region’s most famous artist, the late Sir Mountford Tosswill (Toss) Woollaston.  Original drawings and paintings of the Nelson/Tasman region’s landscape and some figurative work is on display for sale.

87 Atawhai Drive
Founders Heritage Park

Website           Facebook           Instagram

Artist Collaborations

Is there anything more magical than when creatives create beautiful art together?!

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Penny + Lesh Collab

Collaboration between Nelson artist and graphic designer Penny Royal Design and Wellington Nature inspired illustrator Lesh Creates called “Penny + Lesh Collab”

We have taken our best illustrations across both of our bodies of art work and intertwined and carefully blended them so a NEW exciting art piece is created.

Available in t-shirts, tea towels, hoodies, art prints, greeting cards and calendars, so that you can surround yourself and your loved ones with these gorgeous designer items created with love.

You can get these from either my website or Lesh Creates website and also from our collab partner Doodlewear!


I love licensing my designs to companies wanting to create products featuring my designs, I have worked with these amazing NZ businesses:

Bear and Moo

Bear & Moo have a huge range of products for mums, babies and small children, but they specialise in cloth nappies. Hannah Porter (along with her family and growing staff) runs her award-winning business in Hamilton, NZ. 



Hannah has licensed several designs from me for cloth nappies, but I also collaborated with her on a special collection of items to fundraise for Gumboot Friday in 2021, where all the profits were donated to fund free counselling for NZ youth.

Loo Loo Solutions / Sassy Pants

Laura from Loo Loo Solutions in Auckland, NZ is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to toilet training and parenting, and she sells a range of products including cloth nappies, including some of my designs she has licensed from me.



I also collaborate with these businesses who print on demand to create beautiful products with my designs, you can buy directly from their websites and I get a commission of each sale featuring my design:


I have been designing surface patterns and selling them through Spoonflower since 2012. They are based in North Carolina, USA and work with independent artists from all over the world to print their designs on a huge range of fabrics, wallpapers and home décor items. Spoonflower also take their social and environmental responsibilities very seriously.



Retailers and collaborations, Sticky Ticky

Sticky Ticky

Rose Wells from Sticky Ticky collaborates with NZ artists to make reusable wall decals and removable wallpaper in Christchurch, New Zealand.





Society 6

Society 6 was started in 2009 to support artists to share their work and sell their designs on an array of different products.



Anna Mollekin from Auckland, NZ owns Doodlewear and collaborates with NZ artists to print their artwork onto clothing, tote bags and tea towels using their printers in Hawkes Bay, NZ. Anna is herself an artist and loves to support local creatives. 



Harper & Blake Penny Royal Design Collaboration, retailers, retailers+collabs

Harper & Blake

They believe that the smallest things can bring joy to our lives. Since 2016, they’ve been designing beautiful accessories for that very reason. What started as an at-home printing project swept into a five-star Etsy page stocked with illustrated, designer phone cases and laptop sleeves. Today, they still love to create things that delight customers, and they spread that joy around the world.



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Redbubble was started in 2006 in Australia to give independent artists a new way to sell their creations. They print art onto over 60 products and ship worldwide.


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