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Hey there, art enthusiasts and fellow nature admirers! 🌿🎨 I’ve got something seriously cool to share with you today that’ll make your creative heart flutter and your appreciation for New Zealand’s beauty soar! ✨ Picture this: a graphic designer and an illustrator walked into a collaboration… and BOOM ultimate art collab, “Penny+Lesh Collab” was born! πŸŽ‰

Meet Penny Royal from Penny Royal Design, hailing from the sunny shores of Nelson, and Lesh McNicholl from Lesh Creates, the nature-loving soul based in the artsy haven of Wellington. These two incredible artists joined forces and combined their creative magic to bring you a collection that’s nothing short of pure awesomeness! 🎨🀝

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March page of Penny + Lesh Collab Art Calendars 2024

Penny, the mastermind behind Penny Royal Design, is not just your average graphic designer. Nope, she’s a powerhouse freelancer who’s all about blending hand-drawn beauty with digital finesse. Her designs are a delightful mix of everything she adores – animals, birds, insects, and florals. 🐾🌺 And guess what? She spilled the beans: “Working with Lesh was a breath of fresh air! As a solo artist, collaborating brought a whole new burst of inspiration and excitement!”

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Lesh Creates wearing her Kaka + Manuka tee

Now, let’s talk about Lesh, the wonder behind Lesh Creates. Nature walks are her jam, and she’s all about capturing the essence of New Zealand’s native wonders. 🌿🦜 Armed with acrylic paint and an Indian ink pen, she creates magic on canvas, giving life to the vibrant flora and fauna that grace our islands. “Teaming up with Penny was like finding a creative kindred spirit,” Lesh gushed. “Our illustrations clicked in the most magical way, resulting in unique pieces that tell a story of harmony.”

Ultimate Art Collab

Hold onto your artistic hats, folks – the Penny + Lesh Collab Greeting Cards and Art Prints are now LIVE! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ Brace yourselves for a delightful mashup of their best works, splashed across A6 Greeting Cards and A4/A3 Art Prints. These babies are the perfect blend of contemporary flair and retro vibes – talk about a match made in artistic heaven! 🎨🌈

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Penny+Lesh Collab Greeting Cards

But wait, there’s more! Their designs have even made their way onto T-shirts over at doodlewear, and rumor has it a dazzling 2024 Calendar is in the pipeline! πŸ“†βœ¨ So, whether you’re an art collector, a nature aficionado, or just someone who appreciates a darn good collaboration, this is your cue to jump on board the creativity train! πŸš€πŸŽ¨

Psst… Penny and Lesh have a heartfelt request: if you snag one of their creations, take a snapshot of it in its new home and give them a shout-out on social media. πŸ“ΈπŸ’– After all, these talented artists thrive on your support, and your enthusiasm sends their creative spirits soaring!

Ultimate Art Collab, Crayfish + Mt Cook Buttercup, Penny+Lesh Collab, art prints, Heron + Scallops, Blue Penguin + Kina
Crayfish + Mt Cook Buttercup Art Print by Penny + Lesh Collab NZ artists Penny Royal Design and Lesh Creates

So, my art-loving friends, are you ready to embrace the fusion of Penny and Lesh’s artistic prowess? Head over to their websites to nab your very own pieces of collaborative magic! 🎨🌟 Your walls and wardrobes are begging for a touch of nature-infused creativity, and trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this incredible ride with the Ultimate Art Collab!

What’s your favorite way to connect with nature through art? Share your thoughts and join the creative conversation below! πŸŒΏπŸŽ¨πŸ‘‡

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Penny + Lesh Collab

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